Shashi Galabya acts as Chief Financial Officer of Embrace Partners Inc., while also providing management oversight of Compliance and Human Resources. In managing the financial department of Embrace, Shashi oversees corporate financials and creates forecasts and budgets for the company, while maintaining data integrity.

Shashi is involved in every aspect of Embrace’s business development from the onset to better understand, track and record every transaction. He recently worked to launch Embrace’s new Applied financial system as a tool to optimize business management with added functionality and flexibility.

Mr. Galabya is responsible for all external and internal financial reporting, including presenting corporate financials to the Embrace Board of Directors. He is responsible for the company’s return on investments, and for timely filing of corporate, premium taxes, and other regulatory filings including state and local compliance forms and licenses. Shashi has over 35 years of experience working at major Property & Casualty and Life & Health insurance carriers. In his most recent role, he was the CFO and Head of Compliance at a major carrier, helping them through a difficult financial and market regulatory examination period. He has also worked at PWC Advisory and Fitch ratings servicing insurers to respond to regulations and bring efficiency in their workplace.

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