We are a minority owned business offering a revolutionary new way to meet diversity goals and advance C-Suite Social Responsibility Initiatives.

Who We Are

Embrace Partners provides a platform to advance Social Responsibility Initiatives in Insurance and in Construction. We are a minority owned business that takes a multifaceted approach to advancement, parity, and prosperity for all parties.

1. Increasing Diversity Spending Through Insurance: Embrace Partners offers the level of experience, expertise, and service expected of a National Wholesale Broker and Managing General Underwriter, plus, Embrace provides a revolutionary new advantage: whenever we place an insurance policy, every premium dollar counts as diversity spending and enhances C-Suite Social Responsibility Initiatives.

2. Risk Mitigation for Construction Subcontractors: Project owners and managers can be hesitant to engage with smaller or diverse subcontractors due to perceived risks, yet they must meet diversity goals. Embrace provides an education and support platform to subcontractors that mitigates these risks. Embrace cultivates a pool of project ready diverse subs that help project owners and developers to meet goals and avoid penalties.

The CEO of Embrace Partners, David Cayemitte, has been a leader in the insurance industry for over 35 years, and has been innovating solutions in the MWBE space since 2005.

David Cayemitte, CEO of Embrace Partners

Services & Industries We Serve

Providing innovative diversity, equity and inclusion-based solutions to increase diversity in the insurance and construction industries


We place property, casualty, professional lines, specialty coverages, OCIP, CCIP, and construction insurance.

Embrace Partners provides wholesale brokerage capabilities to large retail insurance clients.

Embrace is different because we add a unique value proposition: brokers and clients receive diversity-spending credit simply by placing insurance with us.

Risk Mitigation for Subcontractors

We Educate.
We Bond. We Fund.
We Insure.

Since 2009, our team has prepared hundreds of diverse contractors to be project-ready, pre-qualifying them for surety and positioning them to be operationally and financially ready for your projects.


Explore our Managing General Underwriter Services

The Embrace Partners Managing General Underwriting Platform demonstrates a 'digital first' mindset.

Current Carriers


CEO David Cayemitte Interviewed at RISKWORLD 2024

Part 1

Part 2

Embrace Partners CEO David Cayemitte was joined by Ike Jenkins, Executive Director of Risk Management for Columbia University; and Steve Alessio, President of Sweet Group LLC at RIMS Conference RISKWORLD 2024 in San Diego last week to discuss how public entities and private companies can use insurance premium dollars to count towards procurement spending goals.
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